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1604lab is not simply another web presence provider. We are e-commerce experts creating success for businesses worldwide. Witness E-commerce Alchemy in Action!

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Elevate Your E-commerce with Our Customized Solutions!

At 1604lab, we believe in the science of success. We don’t offer generic one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we act as your e-commerce alchemists, meticulously combining the perfect blend of services (our secret formulas!) to address your unique needs.

Social Media
Search Engine Optimization

Digital Strategy

Formula: DS = (Vision + Data) x Agility

Craft a winning roadmap for your online success! We’re your Digital Dynamos. We combine a clear vision for your business with the power of data analysis to concoct a winning digital strategy (DS). But we don’t stop there! We infuse our approach with Agility – the ability to adapt and refine as needed. This ensures your strategy remains potent and propels you towards your online goals.

Online Marketing

Formula: OM = (Content x Engagement) + Social Spark

Light a fire under your online presence! Our online marketing (OM) experts are like Engagement Engineers. We craft captivating content, ignite user engagement, and sprinkle in a touch of social media magic. This potent formula ensures your brand sparks excitement and ignites sustainable growth for your business!


Formula: Ad = (Target Audience) x (Compelling Message) + Precise Placement

Target the right audience with the perfect message! We’re not just potion-makers, we’re Ad Alchemists too! We meticulously analyze your target audience, concoct a compelling message that resonates, and then place it strategically for maximum impact. This formula ensures your advertising dollars work like a charm!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Formula: SEO = KW Alchemy + On-Page Optimization + Link Magnet

Attract organic traffic like a moth to a flame! Our SEO specialists are like Search Engine Strategists. We transform raw keywords into powerful search magnets, attracting your ideal customers. We then perform on-page optimization magic, ensuring your website is search engine friendly. Finally, we craft content that acts as a Link Magnet, drawing valuable backlinks and boosting your search ranking. This formula ensures your website sits at the top of search results, attracting organic traffic and fueling sales!

1604lab The Chemistry Behind Our Success

Collaborations & Recognition Fueling Innovation

At 1604lab, we believe in the power of collaboration. Just like in a well-equipped lab, the right partnerships and a dash of recognition can spark groundbreaking results.

Here’s a glimpse into our successful reactions:


Successful Experiments


Catalyzed Products


Elemental Ingredients


The Proof is in the Potion! What Our Clients Say

Guayarmina – Aceve.org

“What we appreciated about their work, undoubted expertise aside, was the speed and clarity of communication.”

Miriam Raguso – Raguso Legal

“1604lab transformed my business with a tailored brand, functional logo, and professional photos. Their expertise ensures quality and value—highly recommended for business startups!”​

Andrea Pascale – A Tutto Yoga

“I have been working with these guys for years now! With lots of hard work and timely communication, they made sure they delivered the best to me. Highly recommended!”​

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At 1604lab, we’re not just scientists, we’re your e-commerce growth partners! We believe in the power of collaboration to achieve explosive results. Let’s unlock the potential of your online business and propel it to new heights.

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