Tipsy Bagel

Brand Design and Marketing

case study

Brand Definition: Brainstorming and Concept

Through brainstorming sessions, we developed a creative concept that reflects the essence of Tipsy Bagel: a blend of taste and conviviality, a modern and welcoming atmosphere, and a passion for innovation.

Brand identity development

Based on the concept, we created Tipsy Bagel’s brand identity, taking into account the different aspects of the brand. Our work includes:



We applied the brand identity to all of Tipsy Bagel’s marketing and communication materials: website, menus, brochures, social media, staff clothing, and venue decorations.

In addition to these examples, Tipsy Bagel’s brand identity is applied to all other marketing and communication materials for the venue, such as flyers, billboards, and packaging.

Consistent application of the brand identity across all brand touchpoints creates a cohesive and memorable experience for customers, reinforcing brand recognition and contributing to the immediate recognition of Tipsy Bagel.