We’re the
E-commerce Alchemists

We do more than just build websites; we create success. Cutting-edge marketing, Magento development, and advanced hosting are the key ingredients in our growth formula.

What we do

From Your Vision to a Winning Formula: We Craft Web Solutions

The Dream Team: Your Idea + Our Expertise = E-commerce Success!
Our developers distil your ideas into a clear and functional website.
Our designer dynamos craft captivating visuals that spark engagement.
Our marketing magicians create compelling messages that turn visitors into customers.

Logos & Branding

Not just a logo, it’s your brand identity potion! We distill the essence of your business into a unique and memorable visual representation, infused with the element “Atractium” (Element of Attraction).

Web Design

Our web design expertise will help you create a website that seamlessly adapts to any device. We combine creativity with cutting-edge tech to create visually stunning and user-friendly experiences, powered by the element “Engagium” (Element of Engagement).

Web Development

We develop dynamic websites that are both functional and engaging. Our responsive designs provide a consistent user experience across all devices, keeping visitors happy and returning for more. This is all thanks to the element Dynamium” (Element of Dynamism).


Our e-commerce expertise crafts robust platforms that seamlessly integrate secure payment gateways. We personalize the shopping experience for your customers, maximizing their satisfaction with the power of “Satisfyrium” (Element of customer satisfaction)

Performance Optimization

Unleash the power of speed optimization and core web vitals with our expert service. We’ll improve loading times, ensure a smooth user experience, and optimize key metrics for top search engine rankings. This is achieved through the power of the element “Rapidium” (Element of Speed).

Cloud Hosting

Our scalable and reliable cloud hosting solutions offer the perfect foundation for your online business. We optimize your infrastructure for peak performance and unbeatable security, allowing your business to thrive in the digital world. All this is made possible by the element “Stabilium” (Element of Stability).

Projects from the Lab

We turn your ideas into communication tools for your online business.
We are developers, designers and marketing experts who work together with commitment, doing our best for your business.


Brand Design Magento 2 E-commerce


UI/UX Design Magento Frontend E-Commerce


Web Design Branding


WordPress WordPress development


WordPress Branding

Digital 1to1

WordPress Landing Page


Magento 2 Branding E-Commerce


Magento 2 E-commerceBranding


Brand Design Marketing


WordPress Blog

Projects from our creative lab

In 1604lab we don’t just dream, we transform visions into flourishing activities! We were the pioneers of a hosting company, we created the Italian Magento community and we created numerous innovative ideas.


Magento 2 Blog


WordPress Branding

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